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27 January 2008

Episode 2 – The transitions of a being a Korean Dramatherapist, Myung Hee Han

In our second episode, Myung Hee Han give listeners a glimpse of her
experiences, the challenges that face those who have come from all over the world and having trained in the various institution in UK, returning to their home country setting up their dramatherapy practices as dramatherapists. The interview explores the cross cultural issues, adaptations and personal transitions that awaits those returning to a society that may not have the cultural, professional and service infrastructure as yet to accommodate the qualified dramatherapists especially when their training and experience they have had is located in cultural context very different from their own. Such cultural accommodation has to be made not only when they arrive and enter the British culture in commencement of their professional training here, the same has to be made when they return back to their home country. The issue is how could the necessary support and preparedness be made available by the respective training institutions as well as the professional establishment especially in helping and supporting those in such transitions.

You can contact Myung Hee Han at the following:- Dramatherapy in Korea
; A Dream of Butterfly by TiAT Moo
; Email:

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